How to Fix Braun Shavers

Braun manufactures small household electrical products, including electric razors for men and women. The razors have rechargeable batteries and an expected lifespan of two years, depending on how often the razor is used and charged. You should replace the battery should it fail to accept or hold a charge. Braun places the razor batteries inside the razor, with no easy access. To access the battery, the razor must be completely disassembled. Don’t attempt this yourself: take the razor to an authorized Braun repair center so you don’t void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Launch a computer browser and navigate to the Braun Consumer Services Center webpage (DapperBeard). Enter your city and state or zip code in the appropriate boxes on the webpage and then press “Enter.” A list of service centers in your area will be displayed. Alternatively, you can call 1-800-272-8611 for a customer service agent to assist you in finding the closest authorized Braun service center.

Contact the authorized Braun service center. Make arrangements to drop off the razor or mail the razor to its office. Depending on the repair center, either one or both options will be available.

The Braun 7505 SyncroPro is an electric shaver that can be used with a battery or cord-charge for a close or longer hair trim shave. According to the Braun 7505 User Instructional Manual, the 7505 can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance or if parts need replacement, such as the shaver foil or cutter block. The 7505 SyncroPro should be cleaned weekly, while the foil and cutter block should replaced every 18 months, so understanding how to disassemble your shaver is key.

Turn off your Braun SyncroPro 7505. Press the on/off switch so it is in the “0” position, which is the uppermost option of the four shave speeds.

Slide off the foil protection cap, which is the transparent cover that rests on the 7505 SyncroPro’s top shaver foil. Set aside.




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