Best fishing reels

BEST VALUE – Abu Garcia 6500C3 Ambassadeur C3

Over the years, I have owned a couple of Abu Garcia reels, and the one thing I can say about them is that the never break. In keeping with their long career at building affordable, long lasting reels, the 6500C3 is a great deal for the $100 price tag. Attention to quality, ruggedness and durability make this reel one of the most dependable on the market.


BEST OF THE BEST – Hardy Zane Ti Fly Reel

At a mere $8,000, this beautiful reel from Hardy is a true work of art, considering it takes almost 150 hours of skilled machining to make a single one. The “Ti” stands for titanium, which is the most durable metal known to man. It is as strong as steel, but much lighter and non-corrosive, which makes this reel ideal for any environment, including saltwater. That said, this reel is considered to be almost indestructible.


FOR THE KIDS – Zebco Spincast Fishing Combo

Need a rod and reel combo for a youngster who wants to learn to fish? It’s a Zebco so it functions great like they always have. It’s a nice little kit for a kid to get started and mess around with. At only 5′ long, it comes pre-spooled with 10 lb. test monofilament, so it’s good to go right out of the package. A good deal at $20 and is on KE fishings list of fishing rod reviews.


NEW INNOVATION – WaveSpin Tangle-Free Reels

Anyone who has fished knows the frustration of tangles and bird nests that have left fishermen pull out their hair since the invention of the modern spinning reel in 1950. With the single simple innovation of the patented “wave spool”, tangles are literally a thing of the past. I tested one of these with my 8-year-old grandson, and he had a great time fishing tangle free for an entire afternoon. Retailing for under $50, these reels are a bargain at any price.

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